How Long Does It Take To Become A Physical Therapist

It’s not only the education and training program that are important to become a physical therapist, but the actual practical experience is a must. People rely on good physical therapists just like they rely on good doctors. And, a good physical therapist will always be very careful towards his patient, and will understand the root cause of the trouble just like the doctor will do, and will continue treatment with utmost patience until the problem gets solved. Every year lots of aspirants wants to take up physical therapy as a career, and asks the same questions that, how long does it take to become a physical therapist.
The two options:

There are two routes to go for this career, a long route that would require you to pursue total 7 years of education, and a shorter route where you can save 5 years to become a physical therapist assistant.

The degree and doctorate programs:

First, let’s discuss the conventional route to be an actual physical therapist. For this, you will have to complete an undergraduate program on physiotherapy. After that, you can do a graduate program that will earn you the doctorate degree for physical therapist. These two programs collectively take seven years. Thus it’s a total 7 years venture to be a physical therapist. On completion of the above programs, when a physiotherapist gains good expertise on his job, then he can definitely earn good remuneration for his treatments.

The shorter route to physiotherapy career:

If you do not have time to go for the lengthy 7 years program, or have even lesser time to complete the 4 years undergraduate program, then you may opt for the physical therapist assistant program. This is a 4 years undergraduate program that serves as a gateway to this profession, not as a therapist but as the assistant to the therapist.

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